Sports Media group helps clhs eagles soar into new season

By October 10, 2017 November 13th, 2017 Uncategorized

Edwardsville, IL, October 10, 2017 – Christian Life High School (CLHS) in Rockford, IL has signed a multi-year sports marketing agreement with the Sports Media Group (SMG), a sports marketing division of Nevco Sports. Through this agreement, Christian Life High School upgraded to a new 16’ HD Display Table for both functional game-use as well as provide unique advertising opportunities to the community’s best supporters.

Christian Life is yet another school located in Rockford, IL to turn to SMG to help with their fundraising needs. As part of the agreement, SMG will assume all sports marketing processes such as finding and securing sponsors/advertisers, negotiating rates, finalizing legal contracts, creating professional ads, and providing “proof of play” reports. If you’ve personally gone through these steps, you understand that your school’s sports marketing and fundraising efforts is easily a full-time job by itself. By partnering with a third-party expert, they will not only free up your own time to do other projects but they’ll often times negotiate higher price-points on behalf of your school, which results in more money for your athletics program.

To keep up their end of the contract Christian Life simply has to display their HD Display Table at all home, indoor athletic events and connect the table to wifi once a week (to receive new ads). SMG’s proprietary software operates the table requiring no hands-on work from athletic personnel during the game.

The Christian Life Eagles’ new HD Display Table will span 16’ long with 100” of digital space to show advertisements, business logos, and special messages or promotions for fans. With their 16’ table, comes 4 static signs that serve as a spotlight for the most supportive community businesses to have a constant presence in front of the audience. With both digital and static media types available to advertisers, there are several opportunities for both large and small advertisers to support CLHS Athletics.

Check out the live install photo below and be sure to check out to learn more about their sports marketing program.

About Christian Life High School: Christian Life High School is a four-year public high school, for grades nine through twelve, in Rockford, Illinois. Christian Life has an enrollment of approximately 170 students and is a part of the IHSA Northeastern Conference.

About SMG: Sports Media Group (SMG) is a sports marketing company that connects fans and sponsors to assists schools in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue. SMG works with schools to bring valuable sponsorship and advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations, and bridges the opportunity for companies to advertise their brand in a family-friendly setting to the local community.