The Difference Between Beloit Memorial High School’s Old & New Scoretable: Day & Knight

By August 9, 2017 October 4th, 2017 Uncategorized

Edwardsville, IL, August 9th, 2017 – Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) in Beloit, Wisconsin has signed a five-year sports marketing agreement with Sports Media Group (SMG). Upon signing this agreement, BMHS upgraded to a new Digital Scores Table that provides both static and digital advertising opportunities for maximum revenue potential. The agreement between SMG and BMHS is a unique approach to sports marketing when compared to other models; SMG assumes all responsibilities and BMHS receives a healthy portion of all ad revenue sold.

SMG recognizes the people resource limitations that most high schools face especially when it comes to fundraising and generating advertising revenue. Tasks such as prospecting to sponsors, negotiating inventory rates, reviewing contractual legal agreements, outlining graphic design specifications, and ensuring content “proof of play” with advertisers can easily become a full-time job that many high schools do not possess; and more-often-than-not it’s left to Athletic Directors as an additional area of responsibility, or sometimes a willing, yet untrained school board volunteer. Unlike other sports marketing companies that only provide a presentation and flyers to arm the AD or volunteer who are left to identify and pursue sponsors on their own, SMG will assume all facets of sports marketing on BMHS’s behalf. SMG performs the aforementioned tasks, and BMHS’s only responsibility is to ensure the scorers table is connected to wifi once a week (to receive new ads) and display their scorers tables at all home Varsity events. By keeping up their end of the bargain, BMHS will receive an agreed-upon, fixed percentage of all ad revenue that SMG generates.

The BMHS Knights’ new Digital Scorers Table will span 16’ long with 100” of digital space to display advertisements from local businesses, logos of supportive organizations in the community, and informative messages for fans. With their 16’ table, comes 4 static signs that serve as an opportunity for community businesses or any organization to have a constant presence in front of the audience. With both digital and static media types available to advertisers, this creates various inventory opportunities for both large and small advertisers.

Check out the live install photo below and be sure to check out to learn more about their sports marketing program.

About Beloit Memorial High School: Beloit Memorial High School is a four year public high school in Beloit, Wisconsin. Beloit Memorial has an enrollment of approximately 1,700 students and 120 staff,. Beloit Memorial offers 23 varsity sports and is a part of the WIAA Big Eight Conference.

About SMG: Sports Media Group (SMG) is a sports marketing company that connects fans and sponsors to assists schools in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue. SMG works with schools to bring valuable sponsorship and advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations, and bridges the opportunity for companies to advertise their brand in a family-friendly setting to the local community.