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Edwardsville, IL, December 5, 2017- Mercer County High School in Aledo, IL is partnering with the sports marketing division of Nevco, the Sports Media Group (SMG), to bring new scoreboard equipment with accompanying advertising opportunities to their indoor sporting events in 2018.

Mercer County High School’s partnership with the Sports Media Group (SMG) brings a new way to generate revenue through (2) state-of-the-art Nevco scoreboards that feature a combined (12) in-line Sponsor signs and (2) premier Title Sponsor signs. These signs will help secure a steady stream of revenue for Mercer’s athletic program, while building partnerships in the community. Businesses and organizations will have constant presence in front of Golden Eagles’ fans and visiting crowds for every home game.

“We are blessed to be a part of a community that is willing to help meet the needs of our students,” says Andrew Hofer, Director of Athletics at Mercer. “These new scoreboards are a chance for us to match the equipment used by our peers and will create a better game day environment for our students, fans, and for all those involved in Mercer County athletics. “

As part of the sports marketing partnership, SMG works with sponsors on MCHS’s behalf to fill these advertisement spots. The complete program management requires no hands-on work from the school, as SMG assumes all facets of sports marketing from reaching out to prospects all the way through contract negotiations. SMG will leverage Mercer’s gymnasium and crowd to bridge the opportunity for companies to advertise their brand in a family-friendly setting to the local community and provide Mercer County High School with an opportunity to showcase premier supporters prominently at every home game.

The new Nevco scoring equipment is set to be installed in MCHS’s gymnasium at the beginning of 2018. Check out the graphic rendering below and be sure to visit to learn more about their sports marketing program.

About Mercer High School: Mercer County High School, is a public four-year high school located in Aledo, Illinois. Mercer provides its students with quality education that will develop the skills necessary to think critically, communicate effectively, prepare them for lifelong learning, and advocate responsible citizenship through strong moral values, resulting in productivity and healthy contributors to our modern society.
About SMG: Sports Media Group (SMG) is a sports marketing company that connects fans and sponsors to assists schools in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue. SMG works with schools to bring valuable sponsorship and advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations, and bridges the opportunity for companies to advertise their brand in a family-friendly setting to the local community. SMG is truly different than other sports marketing companies because we do 100% of the advertising sourcing for schools and we partner with the country’s top manufacturer for scoring equipment and accessories.

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