Carlyle Indians score big with the sports media group

By October 11, 2017 November 13th, 2017 Uncategorized

Edwardsville, IL, October 11, 2017 – Carlyle High School in Carlyle, Illinois has signed a multi-year sports marketing agreement with the Sports Media Group (SMG), a division of Nevco Sports. Carlyle High School has partnered with SMG and upgraded to a new 8’ foot Digital Scorers Table that will not only serve a practical use for game day, but also bring in revenue for the school through sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Through the agreement, Carlyle High School Athletics will receive a portion of all advertising revenue secured by SMG.

As school budgets continue to be cut, extra-curricular activities are impacted having to either self-fund or enlist the student-athletes and parents in fundraising efforts. It’s a story that is becoming all too familiar to towns across the country. As Athletic Directors spend valuable time thinking of creative fundraising efforts, there is another solution – partnering with a sports marketing company to help bring in incremental revenue. The Sports Media Group partners with school’s athletic departments and assumes all aspects of sports marketing like finding sponsors/advertisers, negotiating rates on the school’s behalf, finalizing legal contracts, and providing “proof-of-play” reports. Carlyle High School’s only responsibility is to wheel out the Digital Scorers Table for all indoor, home Varsity events and connect the table to wifi once a week (to receive new ads sold by SMG).

The Carlyle Indians’ new HD Display Table will span 8’ long with 50” of digital space to show special promotions, logos and ads, and special messages to fans from community supporters. With their 8’ table, comes 2 static, vinyl signs that serve as a permanent branding impression for businesses and organizations. With both digital and static media types available to advertisers, the opportunities for both large and small advertisers/sponsors to become involved in supporting Indians’ Athletics.

Check out the graphical rendering photo below and be sure to check out to learn more about their sports marketing program.

About Carlyle High School: Carlyle High School is a four-year public high school, for grades nine through twelve, in Carlyle, Illinois. Carlyle has an enrollment of approximately 318 students and is a part of the IHSA Cahokia Conference.

About SMG: Sports Media Group (SMG) is a sports marketing company that connects fans and sponsors to assists schools in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue. SMG works with schools to bring valuable sponsorship and advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations, and bridges the opportunity for companies to advertise their brand in a family-friendly setting to the local community.